Saturday, July 3, 2010

Love, Grant gets wonderful review at Fallen Angels

Great news! I'm so excited. I always get this way when a good review comes in...

I received a truly wonderful review for Love, Jamie's sequel today from Fallen Angel Reviews. Hayley had this to say:"...Love, Grant is quite possibly my favorite so far of all author AKM Miles' books. I loved Jamie and Grant the first time around and was so happy to see them again, along with Brit and Wilhelmina! The sheer lovability of these characters brings a sense of family to a tale that could have easily been just another suspenseful love story. The unfolding of the insidious deeds perpetrated upon Jamie and Grant left me breathless even though I knew who the enemy was from the start. That I could become engrossed in the tale despite knowing the antagonist is a tribute to the storytelling skills of Ms. Miles..."

These words mean a lot and I invite you to go to the site and read the rest of the review.

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  1. My signed copy arrived in the mail on Monday! Can't wait to read this!