Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Check this out...

I've been working on Photoshop, too. Like this?

SO much to tell you.

I have been so busy getting books done and in and edited and pre-edited and marketed and accepted and am still writing on a deadline.

I had one story come out today at Torquere in the Changing Lives Charity Sips line, the proceeds of which will all go to the Matthew Shepherd Foundation. I was thrilled to be accepted in this group when this charity was chosen. My Sip is called Changes. Please go to Torquere and buy lots of these great short stories. It's a great theme and there are great authors and great reads.

Take It EASY was accepted and I have just finished the first round of edits on it. It comes out November 25th at Torquere.

The Six of Pentacles: Tommy's Story is coming from Torquere on December 12th as part of the Arcana series. It is a sequel to Soldier and yes, you'll meet all the characters from Soldier as Tommy comes into his own.

Too Keen was accepted and I have just finished pre-edits on it for Total-E-Bound. It is due to come out January 25th.

I am writing Love, Grant and it will come out from TEB in April. It's coming along and. of course, is a sequel to Love, Jamie.

Between Matt and Jason has been accepted and will be coming next year from Torquere. It is a sequel to Between Us.

So, that's why I've been absent lately. So busy, and I have a deadline on Love, Grant. I'll be pretty scarce until that is done. I want to make it as good or better than Jamie. I couldn't stand for it to be a disappointment.

I've been reading a lot of good books recently that I learn about on Goodreads, a fabulous site.

I'm thrilled to be on GLBT Bookshelf. That is one of the best ideas anyone ever had, I believe.

So, that's what I've been doing. Now, it's back to work. Thanks for your support.

***love is love***