Monday, July 5, 2010

Bobby Whitney at Book Wenches says this…and more…about Stone Canyon:

“…Stone Canyon is fast-paced and involving, and Ms. Miles does an excellent job of drawing the reader into the action as the two heroes deal with murder, explosions, home invasion, and even kidnapping. They bounce back and forth between Oklahoma City and the Stone Canyon Ranch dealing with one situation after another, trying to steal a little time to be together in what down time they have…”
“…While you might not expect danger and fun to be able to blend together, Ms. Miles pulls it off quite successfully and tops it all off with a whole lot of love: love of friends and family, love of nature and four-legged things that go “bark” in the night, and romantic hit-the-sheets-and-don’t-come-up-for-air love as well. I found that it all adds to up to quite an agreeable and entertaining read…”

You are invited to go to her web site and read the whole review.
I’m thrilled that she enjoyed the book and she got what I was going for in it. My thanks to Bobby for taking the time to read my books and write wonderful, thorough reviews.
***love is love***

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Love, Grant gets wonderful review at Fallen Angels

Great news! I'm so excited. I always get this way when a good review comes in...

I received a truly wonderful review for Love, Jamie's sequel today from Fallen Angel Reviews. Hayley had this to say:"...Love, Grant is quite possibly my favorite so far of all author AKM Miles' books. I loved Jamie and Grant the first time around and was so happy to see them again, along with Brit and Wilhelmina! The sheer lovability of these characters brings a sense of family to a tale that could have easily been just another suspenseful love story. The unfolding of the insidious deeds perpetrated upon Jamie and Grant left me breathless even though I knew who the enemy was from the start. That I could become engrossed in the tale despite knowing the antagonist is a tribute to the storytelling skills of Ms. Miles..."

These words mean a lot and I invite you to go to the site and read the rest of the review.